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Konjac Seed

Konjac Seed, often known as biji katak or bulbil is a generative tuber that grows at the base of the leaves, marked by dark spots on the base of the leaves. The number of bulbils depends on the leaf branching segment with the size of a pen tip to a child’s fist with a dark brown color

Konjac root - Konjac Yam

Amorphophallus Konjac, often known as Konjac or Konnyaku is an Asia native plant. It has been use since 1,500 years as healthy food, kitchen ingridient, as well as a beauty product all natural. Konjac is also wildly grown in Indonesia, one country in Southeast Asia Region.

Iles – iles (Amorphophallus Titanum) is a native Indonesian plant and its population is only found in the forests of Sumatra.

It has a huge tuber and weighs up to 300 kg.

The tubers are beneficial because of their glucomannan content. Glucomannan functions as a thickening agent, fiber-rich jelly (dietary fibers) and dietary supplements (for anti-cholesterol, neutralizing blood sugar levels, digestive health, absorption of toxic substances in digestion and weight control agents).

Konjac Chips

After slicing the konjac into chips, they will then be dried with the best drying.

Konjac Powder - Konnyaku

Low Fat Konjac Glucomannan Powder High Edible Fiber Odorless White Konnyaku